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Wise Roots Yoga was founded in May, 2015 by Crystal Wise-Vandelden, ECYT, CN and CPT with the aim of bringing the amazing benefits of yoga to our community.  Through Yoga, Massage, Body-Awareness, Personal Training, Nutrition, and Mindfulness practices. Wise Roots offers a safe space to students endeavoring to heal and strengthen the mind, body, and self.  Our teachers and staff seek to empower all students to find their own limits and a style of practice to fit their individual needs. Wise Roots works with many students that have special needs such as hip and knee replacements, taking careful consideration of each individual’s strengths and limitations.  Crystal dedicates much of her time to those who suffer from PTSD, encouraging healing through the amazing benefits of Yoga.  Having lost her father who suffered for many years to the effects of PTSD, she has become actively involved in helping others to lead a happy, healthy, active life. 

All classes are taught by certified Teachers well trained in keeping you safe in your practice.


The mission of Wise Roots Yoga... to foster a safe and nurturing environment to explore the art of yoga, spiritual awaking, and emotional growth.

Are you a stroke victim?  Yoga can help.  Call today to find out how

Our Teachers



Crystal Wise-Vandelden, ECYT, CN and CPT has been practicing the art of yoga for over 15 years.  She first discovered the benefits after a debilitating car accident.  Traditional medical care was not providing enough relief to enjoy the active lifestyle she was once used to having; being an avid snowboarder she found that her pain was so discomforting she was unable to enjoy the activities she once loved.  Being a child educator at the time, a yoga video was brought in for the children to do on a rainy day.  Crystal practiced the yoga video with the children that afternoon and noticed a significant decrease in her pain the next morning.  Amazed and intrigued, she began a daily practice.  This practice led Crystal to continue and deepen her study of yoga and eventually receive her teacher training.  Today she is pain free and enjoying all the activities that were once unbearably painful.  Crystal's practice is designed to heal, strengthen, and rejuvenate.

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