Wise Roots Yoga and Wellness Studio

143 NW E Street

Grants Pass, OR 97526

Wise Roots Yoga and Wellness

Tel: 541 659 1045

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     Class Schedule

    ** Indicates Reservation Only Classes. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy to avoid being  charged for the classes missed.

    We are temporarily Closed. We are providing On-Line classes for our active members. If you are interested in accessing on line classes, contact us to get you set up.  This is a perfect time to develop your personal yoga practice at home, get outside, connect with your community, or take a day of rest.  Looking for inspiration? Check out our blog to see some of our favorite local attractions! Follow us on Facebook to see upcoming events such as; Healthy Cooking Workshops, Outdoor Yoga Classes, Sound Meditation, Kids Yoga, etc.


    Wise Roots Yoga

    All Classes Taught By Certified Teachers


    Rates and Packages


    New to our studio? Get two weeks of Yoga for $39

    (Local Residents Only)

    1 Drop-In Class       $18

    5 Class Package       $65

    8  Class Package      $90

    1 Month Unlimited   $100

    we accept cash and most credit cards

    Looking for a Personal Trainer, or Nutritionist? We also have a Certified Personal Trainer,and Certified Nutritionist to help with all your fitness needs.


    Are you a Veteran? Thank you for your service! Veterans receive a 20% discount on all class packages. Please present I.D. at time of purchase


    All students under 18 must have written permission from a parent or guardian

    All Class Packages and Training Packages expire 3 months after purchase

    Class Descriptions

    Intro to Yoga    (Previously known as Rise and Shine)    

    This class introduces students to the fundamentals of yoga; body alignment, breathing, and mindfulness.   This is a great class for beginners or anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the basic postures (asanas).  (Although this class is open to all levels, please call to make a reservation).



    Sunrise Yoga

    Awaken the mind, body, and breath with an early-morning practice that will leave you feeling balanced and energized for the rest of the day!  This gentle yet invigorating class focuses on using the breath to slowly stretch and strenghten the body.  A great way to start your day.



    Gentle Yoga

    Advanced practioners and new students alike can benefit from moving gently through the yoga asanas.  Relax, release tension, and revitalize the mind and body in this all-levels class.  (Although this class is open to all levels, please call to make a reservation).



    Power Hour Yoga

    An excellent cross-training class for athletes of all types and ages.  Flow with your breath, strengthen your body, and find your edge in this challenging Ashtanga style class!  Tradition and creativity are combined to offer a variety of sequences  with modifications for all levels. Part of each class will be dedicated to vinyasa sequences (series of postures that change with each in- or out-breath), so expect to break a sweat!  Sweet relaxation awaits you at the end of class.



    Hotter Yoga

    Come get warm!  Temperature for this class is maintained between 80-90 degrees F.  Why? Practicing yoga in the heat helps to relax the muscles, remove toxins, and release stored traumas in the body.  Expect to sweat, and then melt into relaxation at the end.  Please bring water and perhaps a towel to class. 

    De-Stress Yoga

    Relax the mind, body, and senses with a calming practice after a long day.  There's no reason not to enjoy this slow-moving, centering flow.



    Stay Strong Yoga

    Regain flexibility and strength as you relax the mind. This class will move slowly and keep you safe while providing a satisfying challenge and a wonderful stretch.


    Refresh & Restore Yoga

    Relax the mind and body with a soothing practice to restore the body and mind.

    Power Lift Yoga

    Combines the worlds of Yoga and strength training. The class takes traditional Yoga postures and adds a layer of targeted strengthening exercises that engage muscles and strength in a manner different than traditional Yoga classes. This class is ideal for yogis who do not often exercise outside of their regular practice or for athletes looking for a new challenge.